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The Impactors-TEAM VICKY

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All the Amazing Women featured in this book choose to do their part to make the world a better place. They started with making changes in their own individual lives and then the world around them. This book could influence you to start living life of service as all the writers in this book. They are devoted and passionate about their messages to the world, and they follow through with their actions.
They each shared their stories of adversity to achievement. With their stories, they hope to encourage you and to impress it on your mind that they can be The Impactor despite their past, you can too.
100% Percent of the Proceeds go to Finger of God Orphanage and Christ Orphanage Home Ondo.

Featuring Vicky Omifollaji, Barbra Ellison, Amiee Boswinkle, Tiaunna Ross, Beth Olson, Antonietta Morrone-Birdsell, Noelle Agape, Sharon Ton, Elizabeth Schmidt, Sophia Greenstein, Allison Ferrante, Emily Seelman  

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